By adapting techniques and concepts from music and literature and applying them to visual art, Chandler Smith constructs a multilayered process of creating photo-based visual imagery that reveals aspects of the subconscious mind in his new project entitled Reprise.
Implementing automatism into his process, a technique pioneered by Dadaists and surrealists, the subconscious mind is permitted to take precedence over the conscious, and seemingly random mark making later develops into digital sketches reflecting the psyche of the artist at the moment of creation.  Using a hybrid of analog and digital processes, the distinction between the artist’s hand and a computer’s algorithms is blurred and a push-pull develops as an attempt is made to differentiate the two.  Although automatic drawings are born from unplanned movements, a loose set of rules in his process allows for experimentation, variety, and chance while still retaining a general structure between the pieces.
            Repurposing his paintings, collages, photographs, etc. by scanning and intentionally deconstructing them during the scanning process, an allusion is drawn to a reprise in certain musical compositions in which the original melody (or in this case, image) is a starting point that is then transformed into something new, while still retaining a semblance of the original.  After choosing a scanned image, it is applied to a sketch, producing a multifaceted representation of the psyche.  This improvisational, stream-of-consciousness style blends the usage of various media with digital and analog processes while challenging the traditional framework of photography, encouraging the viewer to reconsider their expectations and assumptions about the medium.
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